I shoot food at a commercial photography studio during the week and hit weddings hard on weekends.  My approach to portrait photography is both romantic and fun at the same time.  I typically shoot a mix of candid moments with a smattering of epically, dramatic directed portraits.  I do not like to manufacture or  recreate moments -- I capture those as they come.  I do, however, strive to create an environment where you feel comfortable and confident enough to show me your truest self. 

Small, unique, emotionally charged weddings are my jam but I get caught up in all love stories, and I just want to tell yours exactly as it is.  

As an artist I have a lot of creative energy and weddings are my outlet. If you are willing to explore, experiment and let love flow we are probably a good match! 


My free summer hours are spent buzzing around my garden, or riding around on my pony. Winters are spent in much less magical ways... unless you count rereading (and rereading again) Harry Potter as magical.  Which I actually might.  That fantastical story of love and friendship will never get old. #houseofgryffindor #houseofpukwudgie

Whatever is left of my energy is spent drinking wine or working on house projects (I am one of those super serious DIY-ers). 

I will cry during your ceremony, and I will get weird with you on the dance floor…